Thursday, November 21, 2013

Elements of a Coastal Christmas

When some people hear the words "Coastal Christmas," they envision lighthouse-shaped ornaments, starfish lights, and driftwood Christmas trees. I'm proposing a less literal interpretation. My thought is to create an approach to Christmas that harmonizes with coastal decor while avoiding the "theme park" look. I base this strategy on three elements: color, materials, and mood.

Let's start with color. The traditional red and green scheme may not work in a coastal home. Consider creating a color palette that complements the colors in your home by combining shades of blue, green, white, taupe, gray, silver, and/or gold.

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The second element is materials. Incorporating materials like seashells and driftwood is fine, but coastal decor doesn't have to be limited to those obvious choices. In general, natural materials such as foliage, twigs, fruit, and dried grasses blend well with a coastal look.

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The final element is mood. Coastal decor is relaxed, unfussy, and casual. Christmas decor should reflect this, so avoid anything too formal, symmetrical, or rigid.

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