Monday, September 2, 2013

Coastal Colors

From Coastal Style
OK, I admit it. I am obsessed with color. More specifically, I'm obsessed with finding the perfect color scheme for the cottage. I purchased a Benjamin Moore fan deck, which originally seemed kind of frivolous and now seems like a necessity. I think I practically have the thing memorized (2141-40? grayish green of some kind). But actually choosing that's another story. 

From Better Homes & Gardens

I find myself most drawn to "beach glassy" colors (is that a word?). Soft blues, greens, and grays.

Strata Stone

The problem is how to combine these lovely colors into a palette that is cohesive, but not boring. I want the house to flow, but with enough variation in colors to be interesting. So here are my current favorites--always subject to change.   

Harbor Haze

For the foyer and stairs, I'm going with a soft greenish-blue, Harbor Haze (BM 2136-60). I will admit that I'm easily swayed by a good beachy-sounding name. I wanted to have something with a definitive color to set the tone for the house, but not so dramatic as to be overwhelming.

The den and great room, both on the first floor, need something neutral. My latest crush is November Rain (BM 2142-60). Based on how the paint chip looks, this color changes over the course of the day as the light changes. At times it looks gray, at other times green, and at other times off-white. The first floor bath is going to be another changeable neutral: Horizon (BM OC-53). It's a very light, slightly greenish gray.

November Rain

Now, on to the second floor. The stairs and second floor hall will continue with Harbor Haze. For the guest bedroom, which is on the north side of the house, I wanted something very light, with only a tinge of color. Sea Foam (BM 2123-60) is perfect. I found Ocean Air right next to Sea Foam. I think it will be just right for the second floor main bath.

Sea Foam
Ocean Air

That leaves the master bedroom and bath. The bedroom will face south and gets loads of light, so I felt I could go with something more assertive. I wanted something between blue and green, different enough from Harbor Haze, but something that would not be jarring. Woodlawn Blue (BM HC-147) is my current pick. I'm still undecided on the master bath. Maybe go with Horizon? Ocean Air? Or maybe something completely new will pop up.
Woodlawn Blue