Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kitchen Inspiration

I probably spend more time thinking about the kitchen than about any other aspect of the house. The current plans call for an open great room, combining living room, dining room, and kitchen into one large, L-shaped space. A free-standing island with bar stools will set off the kitchen space from the rest of the room. I need to keep the whole space cohesive, but with three distinct areas. Today's post will be the first in a series of kitchen posts, each starting with an inspirational photo and seeing where we can go from there.

Sarah Richardson via Country Living

I'm starting with this kitchen from Sarah Richardson's summer house. I love the combination of materials. It's soft and beachy, but not predictable. Paint colors include November Rain (BM 2142-60), Gray Cashmere (BM 2138-60), and Wedgewood Gray (BM HC 146).

Wedgewood Gray
Gray Cashmere
November Rain

It looks like Sarah may have used Carrera marble counter tops. Lovely, but I have neither the funds to purchase nor the desire to take care of marble. This is for a beach cottage. I'm looking for relaxed, low-maintenance, laid-back (not to mention, budget-friendly). So I'm considering quartz. I really like this Zodiaq Lunar Pearl. The colors are great and it reminds me of pebbles on a beach. I've not had quartz before, but from everything I've read it's practically indestructible, non-porous, and heat resistant. Works for me.

Zodiaq Lunar Pearl

I think the backsplash Sarah used is one of the most striking aspects of this kitchen. I found something similar with this hexagonal marble mosaic tile (yeah, I know, I just said no marble, but is for a backsplash, not counter tops). Anyway, it's from Home Depot and about $10 a square foot.

Grecian White Marble Hexagon Tile 

However, if money was no object, I'd buy this in a minute. Seashell mosaic tile. Amazing, right? Also from Home Depot, but at $18 a square foot, that adds up fast.

Conchella Penny Seashell Mosaic Tile

For cabinet hardware, I found these bin-style cabinet pulls in satin nickle on A pack of 25 is $76--a little over $3 a piece. These pulls also come in a variety of finishes if satin nickle isn't your thing. 

Nantucket Cup Cabinet Pull

In terms of flooring, we're looking at using laminate flooring. We had this in our existing house and I'm convinced that for a beach house, it's the way to go. I'm really liking this Mt. Vernon Maple from Formica Flooring. 

Mt. Vernon Maple Classic Estate Flooring

Just a word about the products I mention in my posts--I feature products that appeal to me. I receive no compensation or consideration of any kind from the manufacturers or retailers of these products. My opinions are mine alone. 

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