Sunday, May 18, 2014

West Elm Inspired Beach Glass Hurricanes

In the midst of starting the renovations on the beach house, I took a little detour. I've always been crazy about West Elm's Waterscape line of vases, hurricanes, and votives.

Then I ran across this tutorial from Sand & Sisal and had to try it out. I picked up three medium size hurricanes at the Dollar Store and found a vase at Habit ReStore (also $1). 

Following the tutorial, I picked up three colors of Martha Stewart glass paints in Frost Translucent finish. The colors I went with were Oasis (turquoise), Calico Blue (soft blue), and Beach Glass (light bluish green).

First, I washed everything to make sure there was no grease or dirt on the surface. I used the paint straight from the container without diluting it. Using a small brush, I applied the first coat vertically to the outside of the hurricane and let it dry. I found that it's best to apply a thin coat and not to rework it. Just do it once and don't obsess over "fixing it". I can tell you from experience that it doesn't work.

After the first coat was dry, I applied the second coat horizontally. At this point, I was pretty convinced the project would be a bust, but once everything was dry, it looked great.

Check out the results:

I think they look really cute and for a $1 each plus paint, I can have as many as I want. So check out Sand & Sisal for the tutorial.

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