Friday, March 24, 2017

Finished Basement--First Look

I'm so excited to show you the progress on the finished basement. Here's what we started with just a few weeks ago. Sorry for the blurry pictures. This is what you would see when you walked down the stairs:

And here's what that same view looks like now!

It's an actual room! No decor, furniture, or paint yet, but we have walls, floors, and a ceiling! The door on the left leads to the electrical panel and cable box. The opening on the right (still waiting for the door to arrive...) is a storage closet.

Now here's a before and after looking back towards the stairs:

Same vantage point now:

The opening on the right leads to the stairs. Same direction now looking more to the left:

The door on the right leads to storage under the stairs. The door on the left leads to the unfinished part of the basement.

Did you notice another detail?

Yes, that's a fireplace. I was inspired (who wouldn't be?) by Sarah's (aka Thrifty Decor Chick) awesome finished basement which included an electric fireplace ( Genius. So it gave me the idea to add this electric fireplace that would not only give the room a focal point, but also heat this space.

Now obviously, it doesn't look like much at the moment, but remember a few weeks ago I mentioned finding this vintage mantel at a salvage yard? It's pretty rough right now and needs work, but I think it's going to make that electric fireplace look pretty sweet when it's all done.

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