Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I finally got around to pulling together my centerpiece for the tomorrow. It was easy and almost free.

I started by laying down this runner from Pottery Barn.Then I found an oval wooden bowl at Home Goods. I purchased 3 small white pumpkins and a bag of Spanish moss at Michael's. I also had a few stalks of wheat. The rest I found around my yard.

 To give the pumpkins some height. I placed each one on a small plastic  container about an inch high. Then I added a layer of moss to cover the plastic containers and to provide a base for the rest of the material.

Next I went out in the yard to see what I could find. I clipped some branches with colorful leaves and vines with with small purple berries and yellow leaves. There were a few hydrangeas left and some rose hips. I also took some cuttings from the ornamental grasses.

Finally, I arranged the clippings around the pumpkins, tucking the stems into the moss. 

I'm going place some small votive candles and a  more white pumpkins  on the runner. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

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